The spirit of pitching

Date:2021-06-23 10:27
Organized by FinTecubator, the Pitching Skills Training was held on 1st April 2021 for our 2nd batch of internal startups. All staff found the sharing highly applicable on their daily work.

One of the FinTecubator mentors, Alice Tong, Head of Transformation Service, Digital Business Services of Hang Seng Bank, shared the sprit of pitching lies in Form + Matter based on her works and training experiences.

Form means the external packaging, that includes the image of presenter and the use of tools. Matter refers to content, such as the primary purpose and uniqueness of the project, also the specific story of the internal startup. Both aspects aimed to convey message effectively to the audiences.  Alice also suggested the startup teams should prepare a 30 sec pitch and a 2 min pitch for different types of occasions and audiences, and should keep practicing until it reaches perfection, in order to impress the audience.

With the support from FinTecubator via continuous skill trainings, startup teams are benefited with greater insights , not only they can apply these knowledge in their position, but also put it into action to drive innovation for business growth.

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