The Dragons’ Den of FinTecubator - 3 internal start-ups pitched to Hang Seng management for acceleration fund

Date:2020-09-25 13:55
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Marked as another major challenge lying along the 2019/2020 Hang Seng internal start-up adventure, the Dragons’ Den was held on 10th August with 3 internal start-ups pitching to Hang Seng management to seek for Acceleration Fund.

Braving the pandemic, 3 teams of our internal start-ups have been working over hour to improve their business models and build up the product prototypes after they received the Seed Fund from the bank six months ago.

The Dragons’ Den was a significant event for our start-ups, providing a priceless opportunity for them to directly meet up with the management for the first time.

After days of rehearsal and fine tuning their pitching deck, they were well geared up and passionately presented their innovative ideas to plead for an Acceleration Fund and to seek endorsement for entering the next incubation stage.

With David Grimme (GGM, COO, ASP HSBC), Donald Lam, Eunice Chan (COO, Hang Seng Bank), Nike Kong (CIO, Hang Seng Bank), Andrew Leung (CFO, Hang Seng Bank) and Herman Cheng (Delegate of Margaret Kwan, EDWPB) to be our honourable panel judges, 3 internal start-ups were given sharp questions and pragmatic advices on their business model.

After a heated discussion in terms of maturity, scalability and profitability, Table10, an internal start-up focusing on building culinary experiences platform were granted permission to access to the next stage.

Excelling all the other 5 internal start-up teams who have participated in the 19-20 internal start-up programme, Table10 is carrying on and, hopefully, can successfully go through the whole incubation journey.

As brutal as it is, building a start-up from zero to one is a huge adventure that one should be expected to taste and learn from failure.

For those internal start-ups who didn’t proceed to the acceleration stage, their journey as an intrapreneur have never been stopped. The entrepreneurial mindset and problem-solving skills will keep guiding them in their day-to-day business operation.

FinTecubator will also empower them to inspire more colleagues to think creatively and seek innovative solutions tackle business pain-point for the bank. And all colleagues are welcomed to register for the upcoming 2020-2021 intake in September and be a different me by joining the internal start-up adventure.

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