Yours, the pioneer of the Hang Seng internal start-up programme, is a lifestyle banking mobile app dedicated to providing the service in accordance with the customers need. Its highest mission is to form a constant bonding with the users and proactively engage with them by making full use of the big data.

Yours has started their journey since Sep 2018, they are running up and down in a year time and luckily they obtained incubation funding from management and successfully engaged business partners. They are now going through the accelerator stage and scaling out their product development.

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Founder, Yours
Head of IT, WPB | Hang Seng Bank

Start with Why
“We created Yours to promote entrepreneurship and startup way of work in Hang Seng, This is the way we allow our staffs to challenge the status quo, to innovate and to breakthrough. Through Yours, we can bring the above cause to life."
CTO, Yours
Senior Consultant Specialist | Hang Seng Bank

“FinTecubator offers me an invaluable chance to nurture my idea. The access to the mentors makes my day as an intrapreneur much easier and is advancing my career.”