Opening Ceremony of FinTech Summer Program 2021@Cyberport Academy – Inspiring innovation and entrepreneurship of future leaders

Date:2021-08-06 16:35
Cyberport Academy, launched by  Hong Kong digital tech flagship Cyberport last year with the aim to provide training programmes to cultivate I&T talent,  rolled out  the week-long “Fintech Summer Program 2021” for secondary school students interested in careers in the innovation and technology (I&T) industry, especially FinTech. Co-organized by the University of Hong Kong, Cyberport Academy, and FundingReach Holdings Limited, the programme aims at empowering students with essential skills and knowledge of FinTech and AI, the programme attracted over 80 students and kicked off on July 20th, 2021.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers’ behavior is undergoing a rapid change, from how we work to how we shop, even how we bank. Customers are expecting secure, seamless banking services while managing their assets remotely. These expectations lead to the demand for Fintech development and will create countless opportunities for our young generation. FinTech summer Program 2021 kicked off under this circumstance. In the opening ceremony, the Academy invited relevant industry experts to share their views on the current market situation, the challenges in the banking industry, and how to face swiftly changing market with advanced Fintech.

Mr. Stephen Leung, Head of IT Wealth and Personal Banking, representing Hang Seng Bank, gave a speech around the topic “Why a career in banking innovation is so rewarding”. He shared his journey on leading a team to develop innovative ideas for the future banking industry.

As a veteran for the banking industry, Stephen joked about the stereotype of bankers – dull, restless, robot-like. This might cause a lot of confusion for practitioners and some misunderstanding for laical. However, because of the transformation and upgrading in the banking industry, working in banks can be fun as long as you have an open mind and be creative, and the market had never been so exciting. Even the current unemployment rate is 6.6%, Financial services still record a manpower shortage of 7000. There has never been a better time for a new generation to join banking and express their innovative idea for the industry.

Stephen shared his experience in leading the in-house incubation program “FinTecubator” powered by HASE. This program aims to reach out to potential partners inside and outside HASE to develop innovative ideas for future banking. It runs under the model of “Open innovation”, indicating a new way of working in HASE, Stephen shared a few examples of internal start-up projects and how FinTecubator cooperates with other Fintech companies and incubators. The frequent collaboration with Cyberport and the Chinese University of Hong Kong proves the exchange of skillsets and experience benefits business growth creates opportunities for Fintech enthusiasts, and inspires a new generation to join the business.

Stephen emphasized this is a crucial time for students to decide their career path. If they are unsure about what to do with Fintech, they should try banking first as it is the cradle for Fintech talents. He encouraged students to find the banks with corporate innovation and investment in Fintech as this is the inevitable trend in the coming years. HASE is expanding the Fintech workforce and aims to create a caring workspace that backs up all staff with job security and stability, and most importantly, let their talent shine.

HKMA recently unveils the “Fintech 2025 Strategy”, “All banks go Fintech” is one of the key focus areas, forecasting the FinTech ecosystem will be increasingly active. HASE as one of the largest banks in Hong Kong keep embedded the latest technology into business. With the assist of FinTecubator, HASE will source any opportunities and talents that could help us deliver better service to customers.

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