Hang Seng is the 1st bank in Hong Kong to adopt ‘iAM Smart’ verification

Date:2021-04-12 09:37
Hang Seng is the 1st bank in Hong Kong to accept the use of ‘iAM Smart’ as a valid form of identity verification.

As Hang Seng innovation arm, FinTecubator proactively sources innovative solutions to support the digitalization of the bank and enables the bank to fast-track the adoption of this solution.

From 12th April, customers are now able to use the ‘iAM Smart’ mobile app for identity verification at all Hang Seng branches (Except MTR Station Offices and Mobile Branches), giving individuals a convenient & digitalized alternative to presenting their physical Hong Kong ID card.

After customer identity verification, Hang Seng branch staff can further assist customers with account service enquiries and service applications such as applying for a new ATM card, ATM card replacement and so on without needing to ask for their physical Hong Kong ID card. The service enables customers to avoid queues and complete their in-branch banking needs more efficiently.

Wendy Yuen, Head of Retail Distribution at Hang Seng, said: “Hang Seng is continually innovating to strengthen and expand its ‘future branch concept’, including through the provision of more customer-centric and personalised fintech solutions, reflecting the swift evolution of financial services in the Bank 4.0 era. We are excited to be the first bank in Hong Kong to adopt ‘iAM Smart’ as a valid way for customers to verify their identity with branch staff. As a local industry leader in the use of digitalisation and the development of new digital services, we will further enhance the banking experience for customers by continuing to innovate based on their needs and priorities.”

Hang Seng will consider to introduce more services leveraging the functionality of ‘iAM Smart’, such as ‘e-ME’ Form Filling and Digital Signing, in the future. Please stay tuned.

For those who have innovative solutions and want to seek collaboration with Hang Seng, please feel free to contact FinTecubator team at fintecubator@hangseng.com. We look forward to having your creative ideas and products.

To read the full article, pleases access: (HangSeng website to be provided in 12th April)

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