GOGOVAN, Pickupp and FindDoc join the cohort of start-ups to help Hong Kong brave the epidemic

Date:2020-04-23 17:46
Since January, more and more start-ups from the Cyberport community have been contributing their problem-solving skills and innovative technology to help Hong Kong fight the pandemic. The latest to join this spate of socially responsible start-ups are Cyberport alumni GOGOVAN, Pickupp, and FindDoc.

GOGOVAN and Pickupp, both logistics platforms, are leveraging their apps and mobilising their courier networks to facilitate specimen collection for COVID-19 testing.

Their service targets individuals under compulsory home quarantine and patients who have been arranged by private doctors for COVID-19 testing under the Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance Programme.

Previously, these individuals had to deliver their own deep throat saliva specimens or rely on their family members or friends to collect and submit their specimens to the Department of Health (DH)’s designated clinics or the Public Health Laboratory Centre.

With the help of GOGOVAN and Pickupp, these individuals can now schedule a door-to-door pickup of the specimens by using the start-ups’ apps without having to leave their homes or hotels.

Complementing this anti-pandemic effort is FindDoc, an online healthcare information platform with a network of more than 6,000 doctors. FindDoc has teamed up with the private doctors in its network to enable patients to take a COVID-19 screening test easily without visiting a clinic.

Through FindDoc’s platform, a patient can schedule a video consultation with a participating doctor to determine whether his or her symptoms warrant a COVID-19 test. If so, GOGOVAN will deliver a specimen bottle to the patient, collect the specimen and deliver it to the DH for testing.

In addition to convenience, these services will boost Hong Kong’s ability to identify asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic patients for early management, maintain social distancing, and minimise the risk of community transmission.

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