* Garage is to be constructed soon. Photos are for reference only.

What is Garage

Garage is an innovation laboratory pioneered by FinTecubator for internal startups to spark creativity and nurture their unique business ideas. It is a physical workspace
 where intrapreneurs have the full access to the start-up ecosystem to fuel their start-up journey
and to jam idea with people from the whole industry to unearth more possibilities

Enthusiastic and passionate 
working atmosphere
Modern & Stylish

What we offer

Access to our network to foster your journey as an intrapreneur.

Potential Investors
Facilitate you to appeal to potential 
investors, giving you the opportunity to pitch for business investment.

Connect you with like-minded to form a start-up community and where you can seek for partner to build your team.

Offer you guidance for your start-ups 
from experienced advisors. Impact you intrapreneur mindset and skills.
Provide you the trending of the latest technology update. Help to turn your concept into a business product.

Tech Events

We hold tech-related events to engage top technology, talents and investors and to promote the innovation culture as well as 
to provide you a deep-dive of the Fintech industry.


An exclusive co-working space where you can drop in seamlessly and provides you with value-added services 
and state-of-the art  facilities to support your growth.

5G internet access

Being the first to experience 
5G network which powered by HKT

An open-space for pitching 
and meeting