FinTecubator Launched Data Visualization Programme to Promote Data-driven Culture

Date:2020-04-23 17:53
Data Visualization Programme

FinTecubator, in partnership with Tableau, launched a Data Visualization Programme in October 2019 with the aim of promoting a data-driven culture and analytic mindset within the bank.

For the last six months, we have successfully held a Demonstration Event (Oct 2019) and Train-the-trainer Workshops (Nov 2019 – Jan 2020), which brought insights to different business and function groups on how visualized data analytic results they got from  Tableau, can dramatically transform the way they work.

Later this year, more events will be held to enable more colleagues in Hang Seng Bank to understand the importance of data and empower them to explore the unexplored business opportunities.

190 Participants from 60 departments

To encourage more staffs in participating the programme, FinTecubator has applied a “Train-the-trainer” approach, which is training the talents across 60 departments, equipping them with some advanced skillset of data visualization and help their adoption within their departments. So far, more than 190 staffs have become our ‘power users’ through this programme.

Revealing Insight from Data

Inspiring Hang Seng colleagues to reveal insight from data is the key purpose of the Data Visualization Programme.

In October 2019, FinTecubator held a Demonstration Event introducing what is data visualization and how it helps in instant analytics. Hang Seng colleagues were given their first attempt on data analytic to discover the potentiality of data visualization.

In November 2019, a 2.5 hours' fundamental hands-on workshop was held to demonstrate the functions of Tableau and over 170 colleagues had participated in. They got familiarized with the basic functions and got inspired by the Tableau’s capabilities.

Then, in January 2020, there was a 4-half-day Power User Workshop providing thematic trainings and exercises for more than 190 colleagues. During this workshop, participants learned the advanced data analytic skills through case studies and practices. To be specific, Pre-hackathon, one of the trainings of the Power User Workshop, had given the participants a fresh angle about on terrorism by jointly studying the relevance dataset and some open sources APIs.

With all the workshops and trainings mentioned above, the analytic mindset has been embedded in Hang Seng colleagues’ mind. Tableau has become their indispensable working partner, which enables them to drive business revenue from data insights.

Drive innovation Forward

There is no finish line for innovation.

FinTecubator, as a Hang Seng internal incubator programme, would always drive innovation forward within the bank and Tableau would always be our dependable partner in sparking data-driven culture.

To support our intrapreneurs in unearthing more business opportunities and improving their business models through data insights, later this year, FinTecubator, partnering with Tableau, will organize more data-related workshops and events (e.g. Data Hackathon; Use Cases Consultation; Road Shows…). More, we will encourage our colleagues to join the Tableau Data community to connect with industrials expertise and share the market’s best practices and bring back to Hang Seng.

We will continue to share the latest event information on our website, and for those who are interested to join, please stay tuned.

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