FinTecubator invited representative from AWS to share Amazon’s culture of innovation

Date:2021-03-22 18:05
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As Hong Kong’s leading domestic bank, Hang Seng is always in search of opportunites and source of inspiration that can induce a positive cultural change within the organization.

Co-organized by FinTecubator and JUMP team of Digital Banking Services, the event “Get Ready for Culture Change” was held on 15th March 2021 with more than 360 Hang Seng colleagues from various businesses and functions. It was a bank-wide sharing session aiming to promote speak up behaviors and cultivate culture change within Hang Seng.

As driving innovation is one of the key missions of FinTecubator, we warmly invited the representative of our community partner, CHAN Sze Lok, Senior Startup Business Development Manager of Amazon Web Services, an international known enterprise to share its agility, creativity and its culture of innovation. Sze Lok is also one of the first few employees at AWS Greater China Region  who was certified to share the Amazon Culture of Innovation to external parties.

Sze Lok covers Amazon’ customer-centricity strategy “growth flywheel” that illustrates how the customer centric approach could build a closed loop flywheel to benefit in long term. He also talked about the leadership principles for every staff who are from diversity seniority level that strive for high standard contributions.  By hearing successful cases from Amazon, we believe our Hang Seng colleauges are inspired and got the tips to embrace innovation and apply it into their daily works.

The significant number of participants showed that Hang Seng colleagues thirst for innovation and knowledge. Upcoming we wish to arrange more waves of events aims to transform the early influencer/ leaders to continuously cultivate new visions, driving HASE ever-growing success, and design more customer-centric solutions to our customers.

For details of the upcoming events, please stay tuned.
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