FinTecubator Internal Start-up Programme 2020/2021 new intake begins on 1st Sep

Date:2020-09-01 11:35
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Internal Start-up Programme 2020/2021 new intake begins on 1st Sep

After going through months of the incubation process, FinTecubator 2019/2020 intrapreneurs finally turned to a decisive moment on 10th August, which was the Dragons’ Den, to pitch their business proposals to Hang Seng management and EXCO members in hopes of receiving green light to proceed into the next stage and seeking for Acceleration Fund.

Apart from Yours, who has already partnered with a major domestic art institution and are scaling out their product development, Table10, one out of the five 2019/2020 internal start-ups who focuses on building a culinary experiences platform, was granted permission to advance to the acceleration stage. They are now joining hands with a tech company to develop their prototype and are finetuning their business proposal to strive for the Mega Fund.

Riding on the successful experience of the 2019/2020, FinTecubator Internal Start-up Programme 2020/2021 new intake has now opened for registration on 1st Sep to further promote innovation culture and intrapreneurial mindset amongst the bank.

It is an Internal Start-up Programme initiated by Hang Seng, aiming to nurture colleagues’ innovative ideas and to validate them into real products or solutions with supports from both internally and externally. Colleagues from different departments or with different professional backgrounds are all welcomed to participate and experience entrepreneurship.

We also open the door to strategic partners (Investors, enterprises, academia communities, tech innovators and etc.) who would like to join Hang Seng internal start-up ecosystem and collaborate with our intrapreneurs.

Application Timeline (All dates mark subject to be changed without prior notice)

Application Timeline

For Hang Seng Colleagues who want to register for this programme, please access “Internal Start-up” page at SharePoint of Hang Seng.

If you have any queries or are seeking collaboration, feel free to contact us,

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