FinTecubator and Tableau co-hosted Hackathon Day under the Data Visualization Programme

Date:2020-09-02 15:57
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Partnering with Tableau to drive the data-driven culture

As data analytics is playing a more and more essential role in enhancing customer experience, Hang Seng Bank strives to promote data-driven culture and impart data visualization skills within the bank to empower our colleagues to better serve our customers through data-analytic thinking.

To reach the goal of a becoming more customer-centric bank, FinTecubator has partnered with Tableau, a business intelligence and analytics software company. By launching the Data Visualization Programme, we inspire our colleagues to self-explore more opportunities from data.

So far, we already have 190 power users from over 60 departments in Hang Seng Bank, applying data analytics skills in their daily works. This culture-changing campaign is transforming Hang Seng business departments into a real data-driven one and is enabling the bank to evolve its service by offering customers a more convenient and tailored banking experience.

Hackathon Day

Co-hosted by FinTecubator, Chief Data Office of Hang Seng Bank and Tableau, Data Hackathon was held on 3rd July with 9 teams of contestants from various departments demonstrated their dashboards to panel judges and other 390 colleagues from different location participated through network conference. 

Being the first-ever data hackathon in Hang Seng Bank, it was a half-day event where data users and data expertise can exchange practical experiences of how to adopt Tableau in the banking business.

As part of the Data Visualization Programme, organizing the Hackathon Day was also a trial for our early data users to check and examine their data visualization abilities after months of learning through attending the skills learning event and workshop under the Data Visualization Programme. (e.g. Data Visualization Introduction; Fundamental Workshop; 4 Half-days Power User Workshop; Thanks’DataIt’sFriday…)

9 teams of our early Tableau adopters in Hang Seng Bank had signed up for being the contestants of the data hackathon.

To support the event, SIMNECTZ Technology Services Limited had provided AI-generated synthetic bank data which consisted of customer demographic and bank products with the corresponding 10 million transactions.

By visualizing the data and creating the dashboards, the contestants presented their views and business insights to the panel judges to complete with each other.

Aside from the competition, we also invited representatives from RSS and GBM departments to share their business cases and experience of Tableau adoption, which gave the participants a glimpse of how they got the hand of the information to define and assess the performances and conditions of different branches, products and staffs. It was envisioned that through data analytics, colleagues can offer the right product and service to our customers in the right time.

Future move

Hackathon Day is a pilot event for FinTecubator in promoting data-driven culture in the bank. As more interests have been shown from our colleagues in both Hong Kong and mainland China, FinTecubator team are now planning to arrange more events in the upcoming month and continue to run the Data Visualization Programme in collaboration with Tableau and other community partners to empower Hang Seng colleagues to achieve more in the future.

Please stay tuned for more information.

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