FAST to spur FinTech talents hiring

Date:2020-07-30 10:59
As economic challenges beset Hong Kong’s fledgling FinTech industry, Cyberport has been entrusted by the government to launch and run a new HK$120 million subsidy scheme to encourage companies in the FinTech sector to create new positions for promoting business development.
The “FinTech Anti-epidemic Scheme for Talent Development” (FAST) was commissioned by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (FSTB) and established under the second round of the government’s Anti-epidemic Fund.
Under the Scheme, any eligible Hong Kong company specialising in FinTech-related businesses that create and employ a new full-time position for at least 12 months can apply for a monthly salary subsidy of HK$10,000. A total of 1,000 quotas are now available for application and will end when the quota is reached or on 2 July 2021 (at 11:59am), whichever occurs first.
With Cyberport put in charge of administering the application, approval, and subsidies disbursement of the Scheme, Cyberport CEO Peter Yan said, “as the largest FinTech community in Hong Kong with some 400 FinTech companies, we are pleased to be entrusted by the government to run FAST to support the FinTech industry and to create job opportunities. Employees hired under FAST will benefit from gaining solid professional knowledge and skillsets in relevant FinTech fields, which will lay a solid foundation for their future development in the industry. We hope participating companies will retain these positions to support their sustainable business development beyond the subsidy period.”
Interested companies could visit the
 Fast portal for more details or click here to apply directly. Submit soon before the quotas run out!
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