Cyberport x R3 Digital Currency Summit
26th July 2022 (Tue)

2 : 00 - 4 : 30 pm



Many of the world's central banks have been engaged in some form of central bank digital currency (CBDC) work, and some of the largest commercial banks have already issued institutional or private stablecoins. Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong are no exception.

The move towards digital currencies represents a revolutionary change for the global financial system and creates tremendous opportunities for financial institutions, fintech companies and start-ups.

To help the industry discover and seize the opportunities brought by digital currency initiatives such as CBDCs and fiat-backed stablecoins, Cyberport and R3 will present the "R3 Digital Currency Summit" on 26th July (Tuesday). The Summit will bring together representatives from financial regulators, professional bodies and renowned financial institutions to examine the latest digital currency landscape and outlook. Experts from R3 will share how financial institutions and start-ups can leverage cutting edge blockchain tools to develop digital currency related applications. Those in the financial, FinTech and business sectors are welcome.