Discussion on “The future of Fin+Tech Collaboration” at Hong Kong FinTech Week 2020

Date:2020-11-24 16:58
Fintech is unlocking exciting new opportunities for the financial industry and related sectors to further improve outcomes for customers and contribute to positive social development.

As Hong Kong’s leading domestic bank, Hang Seng is an active participant in the development of fintech. In early 2019, the Bank set up an alliance with Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) to support and accelerate the development and deployment of fintech solutions in the banking sector.

During Hong Kong FinTech Week in early November, Hang Seng Bank’s Chief Operating Officer Eunice Chan joined HKSTP’s Chief Corporate Development Officer Eugene Hsia and Head of Electronics and ICT Clusters Ir Peter Yeung in a panel session on ‘The Future of Fin+Tech Collaboration’ in the Hong Kong Channel track. The panelists shared their experience of collaborating with innovation and technology companies to drive the development of fintech tools and advancements that meet the current and future needs of banking customers.

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