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Date:2020-03-12 21:29
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Think and Act Like an Intrapreneur

An entrepreneurship training, conducted by Prof. Dominic Chan from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, was held on 13th December with the sponsorship of FinTecubator to ignite the entrepreneurship spirit among Hang Seng.

Supporting intrapreneurs and sourcing them with external resources are always one of the vital missions of FinTecubator. Thus, FinTecubator had organized a workshop in cooperation with the Chinese University of Hong Kong to spark the spirit of innovation as well as equipping the intrapreneurs with the practical skills that help to validate their idea and turn it into business reality. 

The one-day training was held from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on 13th December at Hang Seng Mong Kok office with 25 people attended, which were the staffs of Hang Seng internal start-up office, management trainees and the members of the five start-ups.

Prof. Dominic Chan

· Associate Professor at Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
· Associate Director of EMBA programme at CUHK Business School
· Founder of Decisive Consulting Limited
· Co-founder of Dark Horse Investment
· Consultant of McKinsey & Company

We are honored to have Prof. Dominic Chan as the speaker of the entrepreneurship training. Prof. Dominic Chan, who has a profound and rich experience on company founding and consulting, shared his entrepreneurship mindset as well as the business theories through an interactive approach with lectures and group discussions. The programme was tailored for Hang Seng Internal Start-ups which gave all the participants a basic concept of what is lying ahead of them, what challenges they are expected to face and how to tackle the problem during their start-up journey.

What they gained:

Understanding Intrapreneurship

Participants first went through a brief introduction of the differences between Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship. Through understanding the pros of being an internal start-up, they were encouraged to create a working environment that could boost innovation and make full use of the benefits that the Hang Seng Internal Start-up Programme offers

Creativity and Innovation

Through group discussion and exercises, participants have a better understanding of what is creativity and how to think creatively.

They were given a task to cut a paper into circle that could ring 5 people inside. Such practice simply demonstrated how analytical thinking and creativity could lead to optimal results. It reminded them the importance of ‘think out of the box’ and how innovation could advance their start-ups journey.

Developing Business Idea

To further support the intrapreneur in building their business,they were given the lecture on designing the value proposition and business model canvas, which provided them a clear vision on how to concretize their innovative idea as well as positioning their brand. Through this section, they had a more comprehensive understanding of their business model and had, as well, learned how to present their business plan with the assistance of the business template.

Problem Solving Skills

Due to the possibility that intrapreneurs will encounter various kinds of difficulties and problems alongside their start-up journey, they were given the lecture on how to structure their problems properly through the exercise of building their own mind map. They were taught to use some practical skills, such as MECE, a consultant way of thinking, to analyze the problems and to drill deeper to uncover the unknown situation. By acquiring such practical skills, they learned to solve the problem in a structured and in-depth way, which help smoothen their start-up path.

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