AWS Tech Talk Webinar

Date:2020-03-12 17:38
aws talk_2
An AWS Tech Talk, organized by Amazon Web Services HKT, was held on 6th February to give a brief introduction of AWS on how to use its service to facilitate the process of application development, testing and running.

The Tech Talk event provided 150 Hang Seng techies an overview of how they can use the cutting-edge technology and service to build their start-up in an easier and in more efficient way.

In order to deliver the latest technology and solution on tackling the existing business issues as well as providing a wider vision on the technology trend, FinTecubator, partnering with AWS, held an exclusive tech event for the intrapreneurs, along with 150 Hang Seng techies.

The e-learning webinar was conducted by Jarco Lam (Territory Development Manager, AWS), Kwunhok Chan(Solutions Architect, AWS) and Sharon Lam (Solutions Architect, AWS), who are both professional and skillful in software architecture.

They had designed a tech training that is dedicated for FinTecubator programme to help intrapreneurs to better understand how to use AWS to substantialize their ideas into an application and how they can utilize AWS to maintain its functioning.

The Contents of Training:

Operational Excellence Section:

The training was first focused on how to run and monitor systems and improve processes and procedures continually to deliver business value. Participants learned from an example of a British virtual bank to see how it manages and automates changes to manage daily operations.

Security Section:

This section focuses on the security of information and system. Participants were taught to safeguard their confidential data by building a privilege management and protection system to detect any activities with the risk of information leaking.

Performance Efficiency Section:

This section was about an introduction of AWS Well Architected Framework and how it works to use IT and computing resources efficiently by selecting the proper resource based on workload and monitoring its performance to provide recommendations for remediation.

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