Accelerating Open Innovation, Expand New Opportunities for FinTech Development in GBA

Date:2021-11-11 16:58

With the rapid FinTech development in the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”), FinTecubator seizes every opportunity to expand the FinTech ecosystem in GBA by bridging up HASE's internal FinTech innovation with external partners. On November 4th , 2021, FinTecubator was invited by the Science and Technology Department of the People's Bank of China Guangzhou Branch, the People's Bank of China Guangzhou Branch Qingsuan Center, and the Guangdong Financial Technology Society to participate in the 2021 Information Security Training activities for financial institutions in Guangdong. FinTecubator joined hands with Cyber Security team to participate in the event.

The event was targeted for the information security department of financial institutions within the jurisdiction of Guangdong Province. The People's Bank of China Qingsuanzong Center also sent experts to share the framework and practical experience of the payment system network security. Several topics were covered in the event including Cloud Computing, Big Data, and AI on the scene. Experts from a number of FinTech companies shared their insights and development regarding data security governance, face recognition business scenario security solutions, and implemented zero-trust security architecture. The interactive sessions not only allowed colleagues to obtain first-hand information, but also updated with the latest information security capabilities brought by new technologies.

Open innovation has always been our motto. FinTecubator has represented HASE as arm of entity innovation program. We link up and co-create external parties with Businesses, and bring value back to the Business and Functions. Powered by HASE, we put ideas into action, expand the FinTech ecosystem of the Greater Bay Area, and better serve our customers.

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